Students need teachers
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The Program

Teacher-Centered Professional Development

Unlike any other training programs, Teach from Your Best Self puts you, the teacher, at the center. This teacher-centered professional development program will help you meet daily pressures in a way that takes care of education’s most valuable resource—you. The skills and principles taught in the Teach From Your Best Self program allow you to sustain a fulfilling career over decades, while positively impacting the lives of the thousands of students along the way.

You Can Expect

  • Fresh, practical approaches to teaching that will help you grow as a teacher and as a person.
  • To become part of a supportive community of educators.
  • A new, human-centered way of addressing the challenges of education.

The Best Self Model for Teaching and Learning

“The Best Self Model for Teaching and Learning leverages the teacher’s ability to improve learning outcomes by focusing on three mutually interdependent factors: 

These three elements create a positive feedback loop. When a teacher is in her best self, her students are inclined to respond from their best selves. Likewise, when she interacts with students in ways that bring out the students’ best, her job becomes easier. And when she takes intentional steps to create and defend a learning environment that brings out the best in everyone–a learning environment based on safety, inclusivity, and belonging–her students are more likely to respond from their best selves, making the teacher’s job much easier.

Each module in the TFYBS professional development program is designed to increase the teacher’s agency in one of these three areas.

Benefits to the Teacher (inside and outside the classroom)

  • Remain clear and effective in the face of the pressures of teaching.
  • Learn to teach with an open heart, connected to your passion.
  • Join a community of teachers who support and inspire each other.
  • Transform your classroom into a community of growth and learning that brings out the best in everyone.
  • Build skills that go beyond the classroom, improving relationships and enriching your personal life.

Benefits for Schools and Districts

Teach from Your Best Self offers consultations with educational leaders in schools and districts to create sustainable systems that optimally serve students while supporting teachers. When Teach from Your Best Self principles are applied on a school-wide and district-wide scale:

  • Students feel safer and have a deeper sense of belonging at school.
  • Increased staff resilience and retention.
  • Systemic changes in school climate and culture. Staff relates to one another and to students in ways that bring out everyone’s best.

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