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Resources for Teachers

Check out the blog articles, podcast interviews, and empirical research curated to help you teach from your best self.

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Articles that feature Teach from Your Best Self.

Forbes Magazine

Rethinking the Value Of One of America’s Greatest Untapped Resources: Teachers
By Mark C. Perna

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No More Teachers: The Epic Crisis Facing Education in 2024                                                                                               By Mark C, Perna

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Articles by Jay Schroder that have been featured in education publications.

K-12 Dive

Relationships Matter in Education, So Why Aren’t We Better at Prioritizing Them?

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What Teachers Need to Solve the Education Crisis (Hint: It Isn’t More to Do)

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To Solve Demoralization and Burnout, We Need a New Approach to Teaching and Learning

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Rachelle Dené Poth

Education is Killing It’s Golden Egg-Laying Geese

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Mindful Teachers

An Educator’s Journey Toward Radical Acceptance

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District Administration

Neither administers or teachers are doing well. It’s time we support each other.

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These podcasts feature Jay Schroder, founder of Teach from Your Best Self.

Class Dismissed

Nurturing the Flame: Effective Ways Teachers Can Prevent Burnout in the Classroom

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Principal Centered Radio

Jay Schroder—Teach from Your Best Self: A Teacher’s Guide to Thriving in the Classroom

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Education Talk Radio

The Author of Teach from Your Best Self

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Naylor’s Natter

Teach from Your Best Self with Jay Schroder

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CoolCat Teacher 10 Minute Podcast

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The following research demonstrates why teaching from your best self is so important, and why relating to students in ways that bring out their best selves matters so much.

Teachers’ Emotional Exhaustion Is Negatively Related to Students’ Achievement

Klusmann, U., O. Ludtke, and D. Richter. (2016)
Evidence from a Large-Scale Assessment Study
Journal of Educational Psychology
108(8), 1193–1203

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Does Teacher Burnout Affect Students?

Madigan, Daniel J., and Lisa E. Kim.
International Journal of Educational Research
vol. 105. no. 101714, 1 Jan. 2021

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Possible Selves and Academic Outcomes: How and When Possible Selves Impel Action

Oyserman, D., D. Bybee, and K. Terry. (2006).
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
91(1), 188–204.

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Restoring Teacher and Principal Well-Being Is an Essential Step for Rebuilding Schools

Steiner, Elizabeth D., et al.
Findings from the State of the American Teacher and State of the American Principal Surveys, 2022

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What’s the Cost of Teacher Turnover?

The Learning Policy Institute (September 13, 2017).

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