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Foundational principles

Foundational Principles

Teachers are at their best when they are the most authentic—when they are connected to their deepest values, open and curious, ready to meet each circumstance in the classroom in their own best way. When a teacher is in her best self, the right technique, the right teaching strategy, comes naturally.

We believe:

1. Teachers are the lynchpin of the education system. A thriving teacher matters more than the specific curriculum, technology, or instructional program.

2. Teachers need to be supported to unlock their full human potential. The job is too difficult and the stakes are too high for teachers to remain under-supported.

3. The self teachers bring to the classroom matters more than the techniques and strategies they use. Mutually supportive, learning partnerships naturally emerge when teachers bring their best self.

4. When teachers teach from their best self, students are naturally cued to respond from their best selves, making teaching both easier and more fun.

5. No reform of the education system can be effective unless teacher well-being is prioritized. Effective reform starts with teachers rather than policies and programming.

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