Better teaching.
Less effort.

Teach from Your Best Self

Under the best of circumstances, teaching is a difficult job. Unfortunately, most teachers don’t work under the best of circumstances. Teach from Your Best Self addresses the very real situation that millions of teachers face: How to reclaim the joy of teaching when faced with the stress of modern education.

A Different Approach

Teachers today are inundated by new methods, new techniques, new strategies, new applications of technology for improving student outcomes. But what if student outcomes could improve by teachers doing not more, but less?

Teach from Your Best Self recognizes the importance of the teacher’s way of being—the self the teacher brings to the classroom—as the most crucial component to effective teaching and learning. When teachers teach from their best, they bring out the best in their students, making a teacher’s job easier.

Teach from Your Best Self Promises:

Better Teaching with Less Effort

Learn practical classroom approaches that will maximize your effectiveness and preserve your well-being.

Increased Resilience

Build new skills to remain strong and effective in the face of the actual pressures of teaching.

Respond Rather Than React

Develop the capacity to transform challenging classroom situations into pivotal moments of possibility and growth.



Watch Our Video

See How We Are Helping Educators. Produced by the Southern Oregon Regional Educator Network (SOREN), this video offers a brief introduction to Teach from Your Best Self.

Our Purpose


To build a community of self-actualized teachers.


A world in which teacher well-being is an integral part of successful education reform.


Our program is rooted in two convictions:

1. Students deserve teachers who are at their best.

2. Teachers deserve to be supported so they can bring their best.


Our Book

Teach from Your Best Self: A Teacher’s Guide to Thriving in the Classroom offers fresh insights to teaching that will help you sustain your best self, even in high pressure situations.

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Helping Schools and Districts

Teach from Your Best Self offers consultations with educational leaders in schools and districts to create sustainable systems that optimally serve students while supporting teachers.



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